Tessellated Tiles in Sydney

Our Tessellated Floor is beautiful - Thankyou" Cindy Sherman

Why we're the best
at laying tessellated tiles.


Put simply we know what we’re doing. We pioneered heritage tessellated tiles in the late 70’s, the first in the country.

Beware of "copycat" tessellated tile sites who claim they have this amount of experience laying tessellated tiles. They do not.

We own this site and no other.


Our suppliers have state wide exclusive rights to the highest quality, French tessellated tiles. No one, in all of NSW, are allowed to import or redistribute these tiles except our suppliers.

Don’t settle for inferior made products. Yes, they’re cheap. BUT, their inconsistently cut, coloured, and scratch and break very easily. We’ve had countless reports from unhappy customers who have had this problem. Its begins to get very expensive when one has to replace the entire floor within a few years.


And we mean it. If you need us to come to you for a quote, measure up, give advice or order tiles, just let us know.

We’ll get onto things right away.