Tessellated Tiles in Sydney

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Tessellated Tiles

A brief description.

Olde English or tessellated floor tiles are a combination of ceramic pieces in a mosaic pattern with standard shapes, consisting of triangles, octagons, squares and hexagonal coming together so that each piece fits exactly in to a geometric pattern to suit any space required.

As tessellated tiles can be made up from a combination of 1, 2 or more colours our company employs tilers who possess intuitive genius in the direction of colour harmony, enabling the product to look authentic in appearance giving our clients a pleasing aesthetic satisfaction.

We have become aware that our olde english tessellated floor tiles have been imitated by cheap imports that scratch easily, vary in colour and shape, and absorb matter in to the tile once it has been laid.

Our suppliers produces high quality products. The procedure used to manufacture these tiles are the same as those used over one hundred years ago thus ensuring longevity of the tile.

Many of our tilers have had to go back and replace newly laid imitations as they have been poorly laid.