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Our Tessellated Floor is beautiful - Thankyou" Cindy Sherman

We lay tessellated tiles in Sydney.
(And we’re damn good at it.)

30 years experience.
Access to the best tiles.
The industry pioneers.

Have you ever walked by an old Federation or Victorian style home and seen a beautiful tessellated tile pattern grace the patio? If you have, were you charmed by it? Impressed?

Its not hard to wonder why these hand crafted floors continue to intrigued visitors or passerby’s. Their delicate arrangement, elegant colours and variety of shapes combine to exude a somewhat nostalgic, awe inspiring visual impression.

And yet, in all their intricacy, the process of laying tessellated tiles is clean, quick and hassle free. If, the person laying them knows what they’re doing.

Thats where we come in.

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